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Enabling value co-creation by augmenting outcomes

Our tailored solutions help businesses bridge the gap between vision and reality.

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With our years of expertise in IT services and solutions, We are one of the top reputed companies in India. We are large enough to resolve any intricate problem and agile enough to revamp every business challenge

BELL IT & SS is recognised as the most reliable IT partner. We are an ISO Certified Company and CMMI Level 5 certified which prides in being a notable platform with an extraordinary team to work with.

Partnering with BELL IT & SS means getting an advantage of being scalable and getting access to IT Solution & Services exactly the way you need them. We handhold organizations by dispensing support to manage complex environments.

  • We maintain transparency in processes
  • We are an innovative and a next-gen enterprise
  • We have an eye for detail in understanding IT needs
  • We envision and create solutions to find a competitive advantage for your business

// Our Services

Enhance your business resiliency and flexibility with our customer-focused services.

WE at BELL IT & SS work from the basis of applications and infrastructure to outcomes and usage for organizations who want to achieve all business units within a digital landscape.


Our BELL IT & SS Enterprise services include high-level components and axioms of object-oriented design employed to match the prevailing.. Read more

Public Sector

BELL IT & SS are one of the public sector tech leaders who have created a pathway for government and public sector organisations... Read more

We offer Insights into platform capabilities, integration opportunities and much more which best fits your needs.

Our expert team delivers profoundly-effective and impeccable services providing your business with a competitive edge.

BELL IT & SS solutions enable business houses to scale down IT resource requirements thus improving productivity, lowering costs and slashing the time-to-market.

Networking and data centre

BELL IT & SS offers Networking and data center solutions like servers, storage and our SD-WAN services allows enterprises to leverage transport services and broadband internet services to robustly connect users to applications.

Smart Services

Our on-demand next-gen solutions like IoT, Smart Cities, Surveillance, Intelligent traffic management give you an edge with increased agility and continuity. All our smart solutions are tailor-made as per your requirement

Application Services

From software solutions to your requirements such as configuring a set of interconnected applications and hosts to offer a service to the organization or any internal services like email system or storage, BELL IT & SS has got your back.

Managed services

We cover all components of IT infrastructure and we play a vital role in overall IT and IT-enabled operations. It can be used for internal business operations or developing customer IT or business solutions

Manpower services

BELL IT & SS understands the gravity of IT staffing and consulting and forms the backbone of any organization’s existence and provides the right set of people for a seamless experience.

Infrastructure Service

BELL IT & SS administers and manages technology, information, and data with a scope ranging from the desktop to networking, storage, data, security, and cloud-based services

Cloud Services

We understand that Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. We have all the necessary infrastructure and resources to accommodate your services.

Working Process

Key Performance Indicators

  • Assessment

    we evaluate your technical affinity and business goals in line with the expected ROI.

  • Planning

    A precise roadmap with strategic procedures and clear deployment plan with planned objectives.

  • Deployment

    We move forward the previous phase of planning towards execution, migration and expansion.

  • Optimization

    Lastly we look for ways to introduce operational best practices and improve existing processes.

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Infrastructure automation knocks out the need for massive teams to perform the steps in a traditional manner to get started with product development. Therefore Infra-automation can help save on staffing costs, reduced error, reduced complexity and much more.
Here are five ways SD-WAN technology can boost the bottom line without having to bear any crunch
  • Improves performance
  • Sustains security
  • Minimizes complexity
  • Enables cloud usage
  • Increases ROI
As organizations are shifting towards cloud computing solutions to upgrade their data and network computing needs. Since there are substantial cost savings offered, it only means that the cloud is fast taking the centre stage. Shifting to a cloud architecture provides organizations with extraordinary IT resilience.
BELL IT & SS chalks out an end to end structure that allows the enterprises to
  • We deploy our expertise from the earliest stage to develop a project plan for the assemblage of a team of consultants.
  • We help the organizations to leverage out IT services like software and other tools that we provide for your team to execute the project.
  • We are on the constant lookout for skilled technical resources for your in-house development team either on a short or long-term basis
BELL IT & SS are one of the public sector tech leaders who have created a pathway for government and public sector organizations to access all the cloud services. The public sector also can upscale its digital assets and media management in the workplace of today and tomorrow.
An IoT solution is a ceaseless integrated cluster of technologies that companies can make use of to resolves issues or add value to their organizations. BELL IT & SS steps in right from consulting to design and manufacturing to acumen. We are the end-to-end partners of your IoT ecosystem.

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