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Managed Services

It is evident that technology no longer just lounges in the IT department but it is now the reason for high productivity and efficiency in your IT ecosystem. We at BELL IT & SS make this very technology a driving force behind your business strategy.

Whenever your company encounters complex business challenges, we step in and adequately address them with our world-class consulting and staffing solution.

Through our Managed Solutions, we help you gain access to deep expertise and a tailored approach to consulting and managed services to:

  • Assist your enterprise in improving underperforming functions Post-merger integration and the introduction of new technology
  • All Apps Supported
  • Innovative Control Panel
  • Unlimited Applications

Managed Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is either sitting in a single data center or dispensed across and perhaps it is being operated internally or by a service provider, irrespective of the configuration, we at BELL IT & SS continually optimize and manage for it to deliver real business value as per your infrastructure demand.

You can now leverage our technical expertise to maximize the ROI for your IT infrastructure.

Choose from our vast portfolio of customizable bare metal offerings to sustain your IT environment without getting knocked down by numerous day-to-day operations. BELL IT & SS offers the following managed infrastructure options for you to choose from based on your IT requirements:

  • Bare Metal
  • Virtualization
  • Private Cloud


With analytics as the core component of your enterprise, much of the guesswork from planning marketing campaigns gets eliminated and gives businesses access to insights that can help them to improve their performance. BELL IT & SS handholds its clients right from choosing what content to create, necessary performance tools, efficient infrastructure, all analytical detailing, and also gives our clients a 360-degree view of your customers. This in turn puts our clients on a pedestal where they can understand their customers fully, run ad campaigns, budget, and more.

The importance of data analytics in the business world is increasing by the minute therefore it becomes more critical that you reach out to us and analyze the paramount benefits of data analytics:

  • Improved Decision Making
  • More Effective Marketing
  • Better Customer Service
  • More Efficient Operations
  • Improve campaign targeting and find new markets

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