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Network and data center

BELL IT & SS are in compliance with the service level agreements (SLA) in order to ensure high performance of data center networks and assure service delivery. We ensure seamless facilitation of the storage and processing of applications and data. Our Datacenter networking infrastructure is the integration of a constellation of networking resources such as switching, routing, load balancing, analytics, etc.

BELL IT & SS prides itself in having a data center and networking framework which leverages full-stack networking and security virtualization platforms.

We support a valuable set of data services enabling centralized management and also support granular security controls. BELL IT & SS follow some of the important aspects that need to be monitored on a regular basis:

  • Real-time availability
  • Network configuration management
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Monitor computing resources


BELL IT & SS are specialists in cloud networking with a distinctive focus on SD-WAN. So, if you’re looking for services in SD-WAN then you are in the right place as we have a strong understanding of the software and the benefits it brings to its end users.

BELL IT & SS deploys SD-WAN systems as a top-up on the existing network infrastructure that enterprises and organizations already have in place. We ensure that disruption is limited and this is our signature approach to all SD-WAN services. It is our job to deploy systems and keep the infrastructure pulsating without any glitches.

Network operating center

If you want to effectively simplify the monitoring and management of your WAN infrastructure then leave it to the experts at the BELL IT & SS Network Operations Center (NOC). Join over numerous companies that have put their trust in our experienced engineers and our automated monitoring tools. We have successfully monitored and managed the Mpls operation and network infrastructure of multiple enterprises.

With BETT IT & SS by your side, you can expect consistent end-to-end network availability based on effectively detecting and reducing incidents. We monitor and manage round-the-clock and we provide each account with a dedicated single point of contact.

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