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Cloud Services

In the IT ecosystem, the cloud conceptualizes, pools, and shares scalable resources across a network. Cloud computing becomes possible because of the action rendered by running workloads within a cloud environment. Clouds act as a type of PaaS, as a third party supplies the latent infrastructure on which a web-based platform is provided. BELL IT & SS delivers computing services that include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer fast-paced innovation, pliable resources, and economies of scale.

Here are seven common reasons you should turn your organization to cloud computing services:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Global Scale
  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security

The future belongs to those who are adaptive

At BELL IT & SS, our customers only pay for cloud services that they use, helping lower their operating costs, run their infrastructure more efficiently, and upscale their business needs

  • Mission-critical apps
  • Content collaboration
  • App delivery management
  • Data to the workforce
  • Access control for employees
  • Virtual desktop solutions for IT

Digital Transformation

We understand that in today’s digital economy, organizations rely on the competent use of technology not just to support ongoing business processes, but also to drive unique sources of vying differentiation.

BELL IT & SS sets the cloud as the foundation for your enterprises. We give you the tools and mechanisms to enable agile application development. A favorable Cloud-based infrastructure is crucial in delivering flexible and on-demand access to the resources that’s why we back organizations to scale infrastructure as required to support changing business priorities.

Cloud Migration

At BELL IT & SS, we benefit the organizations by hosting applications and data in the most effective IT environment possible, making it cost-effective, with round-the-clock performance and security.

We perform the migration of on-premises applications and data from the local data center of the enterprises to public cloud infrastructure to give our clients the advantage such as greater elasticity, self-service provisioning, periodicity, and a flexible pay-per-use model.

The team at BELL IT & SS has a well-thought-out strategy when it comes to moving workloads to the cloud. We incorporate an obscure combination of management and technology challenges with staff and resource realignment for a smooth sailing process.

Cloud Advisory

We all know that Cloud has the capability to transform business, but without the right navigation, it could cause a restraint when it comes to adopting a new strategy, platform selection, and cost modeling. Enterprises and business houses new to the cloud and cloud-native are likely to struggle with complexities

That’s where BELL IT & SS steps in, through our Cloud Advisory Services, we resolve all your queries, define strategy, manage change, and provide constructive guidance for a wide array of organizational, process, and technical issues integral to lucrative cloud modernization.

BELL IT & SS strongly emphasizes on providing -

  • Ongoing advisory
  • Cloud strategy and road map
  • Strategic Infrastructure
  • Competent Staff
  • Optimal partnerships
  • Digital Foundation

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